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Fernando’s Kaffee Antigua: quality coffee, chocolate and a sassy cat

The finest drugs on earth are not illegal. It’s the philosophy of this cozy coffeespot with chocolate’factory’. Add to that some great wifi, good baristas plus their sassy housecat and you’ll understand why this is one of our favourites in Antigua, Guatemala.

Antigua Guatemala coffee at Fernando’s

Located just a short walk from the La Merced Church you will find Fernando’s in a coral, colonial style house. Simply follow the smell of freshly made coffee. And artisanal, Guatemalan chocolate(bars) that you can buy in the small shop. With flavours like sexy orange (woop), lavender, chili (must try), mint, cardamom, pepper, macadamia and 100% cacao (they also offer delicious chocolate workshops to learn more about the bean-to-bar process!).

Workshop Fernando’s chocolate Guatemala

In the back is a bohemian garden patio with fountain. Here you can relax, study or just read a good book. Spanish for beginners in our case. It’s also perfect for a casual meetup with (study) friends. And to enjoy a delicious cup of joe of course. 

Which is probably a local bourbon blend (arabica). Consisting of top quality beans from the finca’s (farms) in the surrounding hills. Both this high altitude and volcanic soil gives them a unique taste. No wonder Guatemala coffee is largely exported and sipped worldwide. You might have tasted it once at your regular espresso bar already! Roasting happens at Fernando’s too, in order to keep a consistent full bodied flavour.

Terras Fernando’s Kaffee Antigua

Besides different types of coffee they also offer lunch, yummy snacks, healthy smoothies and lovely breakfasts. We can highly recommend the empanadas and fruit-filled chocolate crepe for lazy Sundays (or Mondays, Tuesdays, you get the idea). If you have a special diet or intolerance there’s even a glutenfree option.

Instagram Fernando’s Kaffee Antigua
Anita and Misha
Chocolate paste Antigua Guatemala

If you’re lucky 14 year old grand dame and cafe cat Misha may choose to curl up on your lap. A happy surprise for us. Being big catlovers and all. However, she’s a real character, so don’t push it. Or this cute host will return to her own comfy place on the counter!


7a Avenida Norte #43, Antigua